Schools Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We have written this code of conduct to help you understand the kind of behavioiur and attitudes which we expect from you whilst you attend Gujarati School.

Be Truthful

Polite & Respectful

To others students and all adults, respect others' opinions, be helpful and co-operative.


You should always bring your books and your required stationary. Try your best in school, complete all work on time, all homework set is compulsory and keep your books neat, clean and free of graffiti.


For School, If for any reasons you are late you must bring a signed note from your parents the next 'school day". The same thing applies if you are absent.

Caring of the school environment

Take care of school furniture and equipment and put litter in bins.

Suitably and Sensibly dressed

Aware of health and saftey

To be aware of the dangers of using tobacco, alcohol and other substances and report any instances where they are offered for sale to you. The possession of these substances is banned. Please take care when crossing roads, use pedestrians crossings wheneber possible.

To make movement safer in the building:

1. Always walk on the left. 2. Do not run 3. Do not push or jostle.

We ask you never to:

1. eat in class 2. bring correction fluid i.e, Tippex to school 3. fight or bully 4. bring solvents / aerosols to school 5. use bad / offensive language 6. bring bubble gum to school 7. wear hat / caps in school 8. enter the classroom before your teacher 9. consume alcohol on school premises