The history of the Indian Education Society – Leicester

In 1950, Gujarati people had come to the United Kingdom to settle down. They noticed that the majority of Indian people could only speak English and if it continued on, that way then eventually, they would forget their mother tongue, their culture and their values.

In 1963 ‘India ling – Leicester’ started Gujarati and Punjabi classes at Charnwood Primary School, running on Saturdays.  Students would have to travel from Belgrave Street which proved difficult and Shri Dhanjibhai Atwala, a member of ‘India Ling – Leicester’, was concerned about the children.

Shri Dhanjibhai Atwala then went to many Gujarati homes and met parents and asked everyone their opinions on teaching our children our language and values and made a list of children interested in learning.  In April 1963, they called a parent’s meeting and discussed how to preserve our language and culture and decided to start a Gujarati school.  Since people didn’t have much money, they couldn’t even imagine how to pursue to purchase premises to run the school.  So in the end, they decided to run the classes in the homes of volunteering parents.

Indian Education Society – Leicester. 

Committee Members   2019-2021.



  Milanbhai Chhatrisha

  Kamleshbhai Mistry


Head Teacher

  Dilipbhai Patel


Executive Committee

  President – Jaydeepbhai Joshi

  Vice President – Jayantibhai Gohil

  Secretary – Bhartiben Patel 

  Assistant Secretary – Kalpesh Desai

  Treasurer – Dax Kandoi

  Assistant Treasurer – Mihirbhai Patel


Committee Members

  Amrutbhai Mistry 

  Sandipbhai Patel

  Dilipbhai Patel